The Conscious Cook:Towards a Healthy and Sustainable Cuisine.

A conscious cook works like a conceptual artist. To be conceptual is not only to be aware of the artwork and its conception; it is also to be aware of its impact to others, the environment and its surroundings. It should above all be nurturing. Being conscious in the current age, brings with it the unavoidable feeling that we ought to be concerned with sustainability and issues of health. We must move towards improving our diet for the better and at the same time allowing our planet to blossom; and thus we must increase our awareness of cooking consciously and artistically.

A desire to promote conscious and artistic cuisine was the, prime motivation for writing this book. Bringing art and food together into my working practice derives from a strong wish to give emphasis to healthy and sustainably issues. As an artist I care greatly  for the well-being of others as well as for the planet. I have been following, through every kind of mass communication, discussions regarding the deterioration of the human body through overconsumption of unhealthy food. Overconsumption is spoiling both, our bodies and the planet. Since sustainability and healthy issues are directly linked to one another, we should see unhealthy food as non-sustainable food. Caring for the well-being of others is caring for the health of our planet. Conscious cooking is setting forth a concept for a better life.

Régis Gonçalves

Book: The Conscious Cook:Towards a Healthy and Sustainable Cuisine.
ISBN 978-90-817007-8-8